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Translation and Interpretation

The National Hispanic University has a long-established Translation and Interpretation certificate program designed to train bilingual students to a high level of professional competence in the arts of translation and interpretation across different fields.

The program offers high-level instruction and professional preparation from instructors who are active professionals in the field.

Graduates will have a certificate for potential employers confirming their bilingual proficiency, cultural understanding, theoretical knowledge, and translation and interpretation skills. The program can prepare graduates to own and operate a translation and interpretation service company, work for private companies or work within the public sector for hospitals, courts of law (after passing the state/federal certification), and school districts.

Translation and Interpretation Certificate

The certificate program consists of a coherent set of theoretical and applied courses that provides students with the foundation to be successful in a career as a Translator or Interpreter. The program focuses on both translation and interpretation skills and allows graduates to acquire skills with medical, legal, business, technology-related translation assignments. Students must already demonstrate an advanced level of bilingual competency in Spanish and English to be admitted to the program.

To learn more about The National Hispanic University’s Translation and Interpretation certificate program, complete the form on this page or call 888.520.5431 to speak with an enrollment advisor today.

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