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Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

For 30 years, The National Hispanic University has provided Hispanic students and others with access to quality higher education. 

Whether you are interested in finance, nonprofit, or human resources, you need general business skills and knowledge to compete and succeed in today’s domestic or global marketplace.

A Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration can help you develop a broad understanding of all areas of business, including management, human resources, international business, and marketing.

Who will help you on your
educational journey?

This online degree program places a special focus on the rapid growth of the U.S. Latino population and the profound impact it has on today’s business environment.  This uniquely positioned degree program is taught entirely in English but focuses on the importance of culture and language as a competitive advantage in business today.

In this program, you will:

Choose one of the following concentrations that best reflects your interests and career goals:


Whether you are interested in starting your own company or playing a key role in a larger corporation, the General Management concentration can help you prepare to become an effective and confident business leader. You can learn key business fundamentals, including accounting, management, marketing, economics, leadership, and international business while gaining an understanding of multicultural perspectives as it relates to each functional area of business. You’ll be able to apply innovative problem-solving and critical-thinking skills to complex issues in corporate America or the global marketplace.

Human Resource Management

Human resources is a dynamic and universal field that is vital to any organization’s success. The Human Resource Management concentration is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to become a strategic and effective human resource professional capable of supporting small and large businesses. From recruiting the right talent to reducing turnover, you can gain real-world insight and learn multicultural approaches that can help you promote diversity while confidently addressing today’s workplace challenges. 

International Business

The International Business concentration can help you learn how to succeed in today’s global and cross-cultural business landscape. Study the economic policies, financial facets, and legal aspects that affect international trade while exploring best practices and customs for conducting business globally. Study the ways language and culture play a vital role in the implementation of transnational business strategies and how today’s global companies are working to embrace the Hispanic cultural aspect of international business.


The Marketing concentration is designed to help you advance in this exciting and fast-paced field. From examining consumer behaviors to creating culturally responsive marketing plans and messages, develop an in-depth understanding of domestic and global branding and study ways to apply your new knowledge in real-world business settings in the U.S. or global marketplace.

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